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  Our mission at Growing Together AZ (GTAZ) is to build an all inclusive, secular community of like-minded families who are committed to intentionally growing together while navigating our homeschool journey from age four through graduation. 

Welcome to
Growing Together AZ Homeschool Community



In July 2020, in the midst of a global crisis where human connection was taboo, one mom set out to find like minded families to connect with and to do homeschool with. After posting in a local mom group, Cassandra had an overwhelming response of moms looking for the same thing. After a few moms reached out and said they supported the vision and desire for connection, GTAZ was soon able to have their first co-op day in September of 2020. 

Since then we have collectively built a community of like-minded families who love, support, and encourage each other, not only on the homeschool front, but in all areas of life. Between meetups, nature days, field trips, camping trips, ladies nights, family events, parent led classes and so much more we have truly become a community that stands together in order to help each member become the best versions of ourselves. 

We are more than just a co-op,

we are FAMILY. 

Cassandra Fowler (Co-Founder/Chair)

Michele Lawson (Co-Founder/Vice-Chair)

Heather Beauchamp (Co-Founder/Family Connections)

Kimberly Gibbons (Co-Founder/Secretary)

Lori Bello (Fundraising Lead)

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For more information on how you can become a member of GTAZ, please fill out the inquiry below and a Board member will connect with you.

* Semester Family Membership Fees Apply

Bee Farm Visitor
Butterfly Release
American History Festival
Herpetological Center


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